Lunch at Bayview Lobster in Camden

Bayview Lobster is a cute little place with a simple seafood menu. Lobster rolls and the like. Perfect for our afternoon pick-me-up.

Unfortunately, at the time we wanted to eat, everyone else wanted to, also. So there were no tables to be had outside. (That photo above was actually after lunch.)

So we settled in to a table with a view:

An Adirondack back is an interesting twist on a booth, don’t you think?

I can’t tell if that would be comfortable or not.

Le dorkage:

Random diners:

Greg got the fried fish:

I got the lobster roll:

(I forgot to snap the pic before I schmeared mayo on it, so it looks a little gross. But I tossed the mayo around with my fork afterward and it was evenly distributed, and quite delicious.)

After lunch, we were ready for a little walking around Camden:

Beautiful views of the harbor are everywhere.

The 411 on Bayview Lobster: 16 Bayview Landing, Camden. 207-236-2005,

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