Hugo’s in Portland

For our final meal of the trip, we tried to go to Fore Street. But since we were on a boat, we weren’t able to get there in time to get on the list. So we went to what was our second choice, but should have been our first choice all along: the wonderful, fabulous, delicious Hugo’s, which had some of the best food on the trip. Plus we had a great time at the bar with the bartender and our dining neighbors. Here is the soft-shell lobster with cauliflower:

Please don’t kill me. But we had such a fabulous time and so enjoyed the food at Hugo’s that I didn’t take notes or take a menu. As I try to reconstruct the meal months later, it’s not working out so well. But I will tell you what I can, and give you this piece of advice: If you can go to Hugo’s, do. I thought it was going to be too fancy or too stuffy. Instead, it was a relaxed and casual setting, but with some creative, kick-ass food served without pretention.

So here’s what I’ve got for you. We sat at the bar:

They served local gin:

I believe one of these were gourgere and the other was some kind of brittle:

Puffy, fried thingys. Maybe they had cheese? Or perhaps these were the fingerling potato skins with scallion-bacon sour cream.


Biscuits, right? Might be

Truffle Asiago Cheese Puffs:

This was a tongue dish of some kind. Outrageous:

This was the pig’s head terrine. Also fab:

A fluke, maybe?

Sorry! I’m so bad:

Soft shell lobster with cauliflower:

Cheese plate. Awesome.

No idea, though I seem to remember the thing on top is a JohnnyCake or a corn pancake of some kind:

Our fabulous bartendress.

Yeah. I’m so sorry I can’t give you more on this. But it was our favorite meal in Portland, no doubt. (And PS: the bill was about $100 less than at 5-5-5. I’m just saying.)

The 411 on Hugo’s. 88 Middle St., Portland. 207-774-8538.

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