Bobby’s Burger Palace: This Burger is Crunchified!

Bobby’s Burger Palace: This Burger is Crunchified!

A good burger is one thing. A good burger *crunchified*? Now that’s another thing entirely.

Crunchified is when you add potato chips. It seems simple, but I guess Bobby Flay, who owns Bobby’s Burger Palace, decided it was a good enough idea that he trademarked it, for heaven’s sake!

Here’s the Burger Palace at Mohegan Sun:

You place your order at the counter, then take a number and your food is delivered to you at the table.

We tried two burgers.

Bobby’s Blue Burger, with bacon, lettuce and tomato:

The Dallas Burger, spice crusted with cole slaw, Monterey Jack barbecue sauce and pickles:

Onion rings:

Regular fries:

Sweet potato fries:

Yea, what do you think?

You’re right. Delicious.

The 411 on Bobby’s Burger Palace.

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