Recipe: Butterflied Leg of Lamb

This is a great do-ahead recipe for a dinner party. It’s a butterflied leg of lamb has some Indian-spices, but the flavors are just subtle enough where people will be asking themselves (and you!), what’s that I’m tasting? You marinate it the day before, and then it takes just 10 minutes on the grill. We served it with kale and butternut squash and the combination was killer.

You start with yogurt, mustard, lemon juice and spices:

For this recipes, it’s basically one of those containers of Greek yogurt, so you don’t even have to measure it out.


Make sure you get your butcher to butterfly the lamb leg for you. It’s really difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing — and sometimes even if you do.

Slather the marinade all over the meat:

Cover and refrigerate overnight:

Grill the lamb for 5 to 8 minutes a side. Let it rest at least 10 minutes. Slice it on the bias:


And so easy. Here you go, courtesy of Bill Daley and the Chicago Tribune.

Butterfiled Leg of Lamb

Prep: 10 minutes Marinate: Overnight Cook: 16 minutes

Makes: 10 servings

Ask your butcher to bone and butterfly the lamb.

2 cups plain Greek-style yogurt

2 tablespoons each: cumin, Madras-style curry powder

1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

1 teaspoon each: hot sauce, salt, black pepper

Juice of 1 lemon

1 leg of lamb, boned, butterflied, about 4 pounds

Mix all the ingredients except lamb in a medium bowl. Slather the mixture over the lamb in a shallow pan; massage the meat gently to work the marinade into the tissue. Cover with plastic wrap; refrigerate overnight.

Prepare a grill for direct, medium-high heat. Grill lamb 8 minutes per side.

Check for doneness; grill until desired temperature is reached, about 15 minutes for medium. Let the lamb rest 5 minutes on cutting board. Cut the lamb into thin slices.

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