Lunch at Coppa in the South End

After my morning walk, I headed back to the apartment Greg and I rented on Marlborough Street to see how his highness was doing. (Sorry: no photos of the apartment, I forgot. But you can check it out on here.) He was ready for lunch. Jessica and Kelly were still at the hospital with pre-op appointments, so we headed to Coppa, the restaurant owned by Jamie Bissonette, whom I profiled in this story here about up-and-coming chefs. The pizza was terrific.

Here’s the restaurant, in a corner spot in the South End:

The big front window:

We sat at the bar:

Here are the banquettes behind us:

The hunna is rather hungover:

We shared several small dishes and the pizza.

Here are the pork rillettes:

Fabulous, fatty and stringy and porky, with a little sweet from the garnish.

Here is the pork pate:

Also very tasty, but it was a little cold, so the texture wasn’t as optimal. Nice crunch from pistachios.

And the farro salad:

Delicious. Nutty and squeaky with the pop from the vegetables.

And the pizza was tops.

Just delicious. It has proscuitto, arugula, and the umami of parmesan, plus a super great sauce and a crispy crust. Bravo!

I would definitely put Coppa on the list for dinner, too. Next time!

The 411 on Coppa: 253 Shawmut Ave., Boston. 617-391-0902.

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