Lunch at the Union Oyster House in Boston

After our ice skating escapade, we headed downtown for lunch at an old standby, the Union Oyster House.

At first we were going to sit in a booth —

— but then we figured Reecey would be much more entertained by watching this guy shucking oysters at the bar:

And indeed he was a character!

I can’t tell if Reece was fascinated or frightened:

So they say that Union Oyster House is America’s oldest restaurant. According to the website, “Union Street was laid out in 1636, but there are no municipal records documenting the Oyster House’s date of construction. All that is known is that the building has stood on Union Street as a major local landmark for more than 250 years.”

There’s a sign above the bar that says “Daniel Webster, a constant customer, daily drank his tall tumbler of brandy and water with each half-dozen oysters, seldom having less than six plates.”

Kennedy also frequented the place. Nowdays it’s mostly tourists.

You can’t go to the Union Oyster House and not get oysters. So we did that.

We also got a bowl of their thick, creamy clam chowder:

Reece got a grilled cheese.

A darn fine one, too.

Les dorkages:

We probably could have stopped there, but Reece also expressed interest in the fish, so we ordered that:

One with a side of Boston baked beans:

When Reecey was done eating, he watched the lobsters for a little while:

This is another bar upstairs:

Reece took this one of me:

And look what I was sitting next to!

When it was time to exit, we followed directions.

A few obligatory photos outside:

The 411 on Union Oyster House. 41 Union St., Boston. 617-227-2750.

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