Dim Sum Brunch at Central Seafood

We had some errands to run in Westchester, so before we headed back home over the bridge, we decided to do dim sum brunch in Hartsdale. The pork dumplings were delicious. Juicy and pork-y with a light wisp of a skin:

The dining room was quite full:

Nothing fancy, just some pink table cloths and wooden chairs. One of the carts:

We also tried soup dumplings, also known as juicy buns:

The skins on these were nice, but there wasn’t much soup in them. Tasty, just not soupy.

Fried taro root:

Nice and sweet-sour. Crunchy wrapper, too.

Here’s the beef in rice paper crepe:

Eh, this one was a little dough-y, and not very beef-y either. I’d skip it next time.

Congee, a rice porridge with pork and shrimp:

Good on a cold morning. Like a savory oatmeal. It needed a little oomph, though.

Chive dumpling:

Good and green.

We ended with pork buns, which were light and airy with sweet pulled pork inside. Like dessert for breakfast.

The 411 on Central Seafood: 285 North Central Ave. White Plains. 914-683-1611.

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