Old Fashioneds and a Great Winter Menu at the Hudson House in Nyack

Kris and Tom began a custom last winter of heading to the Hudson House during snowstorms to enjoy old fashioneds. This time, they couldn’t join, but Irene and Greg and I found ourselves at the Hudson House bar anyway, sipping cocktails and dining on mussels, which came highly recommended by Jim, and cassoulet, which was perfect for a winter’s night.

So, as custom dictated, we started with old fashioneds:

Andrew makes a mean cocktail:



After two (!) of those, we were ready for some food.

A completely rich and delicious French onion soup:

And a New England clam chowder:

And a delishy salad with endive, pear, walnuts and blue cheese:

The mussels special was fab, just as Jim had predicted:

A very nice acidic bite to the sauce, tempered with some salty, fatty, yummy French fries:

And we got a small portion of the daily gnocchi special:

Roasted tomatoes, ricotta… it was almost like a tomato soup, but not as thin.

And the cassoulet, which was terrific:

This was a top meal of all time at HH — so we couldn’t leave without dessert!

Orange Celebration Cake:

Irene and Greg said: This is how you remember that you liked cake to begin with.

Pear upside down cake:

Fab as always.

And my new favorite, what I’ve taken to calling the caramel-banana-caramel:

What a great way to warm up during a cold winter’s storm!

The 411 on the Hudson House.

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