Pizza at Cassie’s in Orangeburg

To start the Memorial Day weekend off, Greg and I headed to Lowe’s for our home-related purchases and then out for pizza. Cassie’s makes a fine one in its coal-fired oven.

First, le dorkage:

Now, back to the pizza. It’s made in this here oven:

And comes out super-thin and crispy, with a nice balance of sauce and toppings, even when you get a lot of toppings, like Hunna likes to:

It’s not the most comfortable room in the world; rather noisy and pretty sparse:

But for a quick pizza on a Friday night? You can’t beat it.

The 411 on Cassie’s: A giant family-friendly room without a lot of style or character, but the menu is top-notch, with thin-crust pizzas straight out of a coal-fired oven, and several other good diversions, like Caesar salads and pasta specials. 203 Route 303, Orangeburg, NY. 845-359-8000,


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