Lunch at ABC Kitchen

We adored our lunch at ABC Kitchen. You just feel like you’re dining in New York. Something about it — the local farm-to-table menu, the relaxed but beautiful setting, the here-and-now feeling of the food — just make you feel like the restaurant couldn’t be anywhere else. I love that.

The food is so flavorful. So simple, or so it seems. And so beautiful, too!

And this salted caramel ice cream sundae still haunts me.

The gang:

A look around the beautiful restaurant:

We started with crab toast with lemon aioli.

The waitress said we couldn’t not get this, and she was right. It was fab.

Tuna sashimi with ginger:

I could not taste. Looked really great, though.


Nice touch with the out-of-the-ordinary dipping sauce, but in the end, just calamari. It was fine.

A simply gorgeous arugula salad with strawberries and goat cheese.

The strawberries were so sweet.

Sweet pea soup with carrots and mint.

I could eat this every day of my life. And in this gorgeous bowl, too, please.

Mushroom, parmesan, oregano and farm egg pizza.

So rich. Really great, but super, super rich.

Jersey tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and basil.

Classic, and it stands up. Really terrific.

Roasted squash and heirloom tomato sandwich with mozzarella and chilies.

Good, but didn’t have the wow factor we were hoping for. But very tasty.

A special. Scrambled eggs with potatoes and a sausage.

Divine. There was just a tiny bit of butter in the eggs. Just a tiny bit.

I have been dreaming of this sundae ever since we ate it. Salted caramel ice cream with chocolate sauce, peanuts and popcorn.

Really? I mean. Unreal. Seriously completely amazing.

Yeah, maybe everything wasn’t knock-you-down-crying, but it was knock-you-down. And this was just lunch. I can’t wait to return for dinner.

ABC Kitchen. Chef Dan Kluger heads the kitchen at this Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant in the ABC Carpet & Home Building. You can buy the tableware, but you won’t hardly be able to pay much attention to it once the food arrives. Farm-to-table cooking with out-front flavors that seem simple to achieve (but aren’t) and hum brilliantly to create a satisfying sum of their parts. 35 East 18th Street Manhattan. 212-475-5829,

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