Lunch at Saltie

Caroline Fidanza was the chef who put Diner and Marlowe & Sons, two pioneering Brooklyn restaurants, on the map. After leaving those restaurants, she opened a new one with two partners, Elizabeth Schula and Rebecca Collerton. Saltie is a tiny little space — it used to be a bakery — and it only serves lunch, and there are only a few sandwiches on the menu. They’re worth it. Go.

That’s my BLT. OMG.

As you can see the menu is tiny.

The women in the kitchen:

Hunna’s iced coffee:

The gallettes look amazing.

Boo went for The Captain’s Daughter, which has sliced pickled eggs, sardines and capers. Talk about salty!

On delicious focaccia. Terrific.

My hibiscus tea:

Hunna is texting his iced coffee to Wilson:

Here is Hunna’s sandwich. I can’t remember what it is!

Saltie: Simple sandwiches made with absolutely terrific ingredients. Bold flavors, soft bread. Good stuff. 378 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211. 718- 387-4777,


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