Lunch at Cheese Boy in the Palisades Center

For Sam’s first trip to the mall (with Gregory!), we had lunch at a brand-new food court stand called Cheese Boy, and took in a 2 p.m. showing of The Descendants. First, the sandwich.

A well-made sammy with good bread, butter and fresh ingredients. We were happy indeed. I also got a tomato soup. Photos of that, and Sam in her stroller for her first mall experience, after the jump.

The family, ordering lunch at Cheese Boy:

Here’s my tomato soup. Fine. Not great. Not even really as great as Campbell’s in a can. So yeah, I would skip the tomato soup next time.

Sarah’s sammy was with turkey and some other add-ons. Also quite tasty. Here’s Gregory’s with tomato and basil:

We are happy with our food court lunch.

Sam is thrilled beyond belief.

All in all, a fine success for Sam’s first trip to the mall. Thanks kids!

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