Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in White Plains

Having a hankering for pizza — good pizza, that is — and having found ourselves in White Plains, we went to Anthony’s. A chain, sure, but a high-quality one, and one where the prices is nice and the service is quick. Both bonuses, but especially the latter when Sam is involved. And the pizza? Darn good.

That’s Greg’s. Sausage with caramelized onions. Seriously. The onions were cooked before the pizza was. They were sweet and delicious. The sausage had a nice fennel flavor. It’s how sausage on pizza should always taste.

My pizza was just as good.

Prosciutto and arugula. Right? I’m not kidding. And look at the nice line of crispy goodness around the edges of both pies. In that hot-hot-hot oven they get a nice char, but never a burn.

More photos after the jump.


We were surprised to see a table for 54 when we sat down, and were a little concerned that our lunch would take several hours to be served.

But no, thank goodness, our salad arrived promptly. Romaine, iceberg, olives, chickpeas, onions and gorgonzola. Delishy!

Oh yes, and hard boiled egg, too! Greg checks the market:

No, of course it’s not good. What did you think?

Here’s me and Srimp:

She slept the whole time.

Another quick look at the restaurant. Yes, another table for 54. It must have been holiday lunches for offices.

And here’s another look at Greg’s yummy ‘za:

Thanks Anthony, whoever you are!

The 411 on Anthony’s Coal-Fired Pizza: A chain — but a good one — where the thin-crust pizza is cooked in a hot coal-fired oven and comes out crispy, charred and delicious. The dining room is simple, with wooden chairs and tiled floors, but there’s also a comfortable bar. 264 Main St., White Plains. 914-358-9702.

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