Dinner at Grand Central Oyster Bar

The last of the forbidden pregnancy foods has now been checked off the list. At Grand Central Oyster Bar: Belons, Christmas Coves, Chincoteauges and North Havens. A platter of cold, briny oysters that tasted of the sea and brought a shudder of happiness to our hearts.

Our trip and other seafood dishes, after the jump.

The wait for a table was about 20 minutes, so we took to the bar.

The tile work, arches and lighting are classic:

Just as our name was called, a seat opened up at the oyster bar, too. We chose thst. Always more exciting, don’t you think?

Tonight’s selection:

First on the agenda, oysters:

And an absolutely terrific smoked trout with horseradish cream:

So light, tender and moist with just the right hint of smoke.

Then we ordered some hot food, too. Two soups. She Crab (not so great; a little flour-y tasting) —

— and New England Clam Chowder (very good, full of fresh clams):

Yes fries, too:

Hey, nobody said it was going to be beautiful. But it’s tasty.

And our final order was oyster Rockefeller:

Eh. Fine. A little too much like eggs Benedict, in my opinion. I’d rather have ’em raw.

Great dinner, though. Really fresh fish and lots of fun, too. Let’s go get that train home:



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