Presents — and Then Brisket with Polenta

With just two children opening gifts,the living room at the Ranch got just as trashed as if all seven adults and three children were participating. The joy of giving!

And afterwards, we had a reprise of what is sure to become an SCF winter classic: Joan Nathan’s brisket (recipe here). With a bit of creamy polenta? My god is that good.

More presents and dining, after the jump.

Things started off calmly, with just a couple of stockings:

Note Jane’s “Big Lollipop” in her right hand! A big hit, that one.

Thank you for my backpack, Uncle Chris!

Now what?

And little Sam got a beautiful doll and a cut outfit.

Now everybody to the table:

Serving dinner:


Noodles for Jane:

And Mae, too:

Sam, as usual, has milk:

With a pacifier for dessert:

Merry Christmas!


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