Lunch at Pastis and a Walk on the High Line

Our good friend David, whom SCF fans may remember from this summer in Charlottesville, is in town for a holiday. We met him for a delishy lunch at Pastis, which we chose because 1. David is a Francophile; and 2. It’s near the High Line and we wanted to walk along it after lunch. Success on both accounts. To wit, a terrific frisee aux lardons salad:

More French food and High Line walking after the jump. But here’s a cute one of Greg and Sam, just for kicks:

Here’s David and me:

Leigh and Sondra:


The delicious but not-so-lovely chicken liver and foie gras mousse:


Mom’s nicoise salad:

Leigh’s eggs and beans on toast:

David’s bouillabaisse:

Forgive the blurs.

For dessert we had a terrific apple tart:

And bread pudding:

And then, yes, thank goodness, we had a nice after-lunch walk:

It was so good to catch up. We miss you, Didi.

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