At o lar, Once More With Feeling

The polenta with mushrooms and a soft egg was a new one. Not that we needed an excuse.

Oh and also, Tom had been raving about the tuna, fresh from the docks at Montauk:

Wow. More, including the runny egg, after the jump.

As promised, the cutting of the runny egg:

That’s right, Gregory.

Beet and frisee salad:

The most amazing goat cheese croquettes you’ll ever have:

Crispy, juicy chicken:

Linguine with clams:

Very tasty but not my favorite, plus they were little gritty. Anywhere else this would be an amazing dish (as long as the clams were clean) but when everything else so far exceeds expectations, you hold everything to a higher standard.

Panna cotta. Lovely, as always.

o lar, how we love thee. Thank you.


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