Ron Breland and His Bees

Ron Breland and His Bees

Ron Breland is an organic beekeeper who lives in West Nyack with his wife, who is a terrific gardener. They make a fine pair! Greg was interviewing Ron for an article on honey and bees for The Valley Table magazine, so I went along.

He makes these fascinating hives, which are shaped, unbelievably, like bees.

A look around the property, after the jump.

Greg interviews Ron:

One of the hives:

The house:

Plants, which they will sell under the Bumps & Co label:

Cold frame:


Looking back at the house with the cold frames and the hives in the foreground:

I had srimp on the Bjorn:

A little walk around:

I get my African Blue Basil from Bumps & Co each year, and it is one of the best performers in the garden. And guess what, the bees love it.


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