Kris’s Birthday Supper at Alain’s Bistro

We celebrated Kris’s birthday with a delicious supper at Alain’s Bistro, which serves classic French dishes like frisee aux lardons, roast chicken, pate and foie gras terrine. Yes, we splurged a bit.

And why not! It was an occasion, after all.

Happy birthday Kris! Come see our meal, after the jump…

Amuse bouche. A little mousse of some kind, if I remember properly. On top of a cucumber.

Asparagus soup. Very springy!

Mussels with chorizo. Very plump and fresh and the sausage was porky and good.

Smoked herring, which was surprisingly very delicious. Everyone said it reminded them of bacon!

Country pate. Quite delicious.

Foie gras terrine. Silky, fatty and yummy.

Sam had milk.

The kids:

The real kids:

The restaurant:


Irene, Greg, Sam and I were at the table, too, but no photos of us, alas!

Roast chicken. Crispy, juicy. So good!

Lamb shank. Very tender and tasty.


Good but a bit too tomato-y for me.

Steak. Really really good. And a crazy rich blue cheese sauce, too.

The Alsatian tart with bacon and onion. Sort of like a pizza. Very good!

The striped bass special. Mine. It was, unfortunately, my least favorite dish. Perhaps that was because everything else was such a star?

And then, of course, dessert.

Happy Birthday Kris!

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