Lunch at Rotisserie Georgette in Manhattan

Since I didn’t have much of a vacation over my holiday — being struck with the flu and in bed the whole time wasn’t very festive! — we decided to take a day for some actual fun. So, yes… A Big Day of Fun in Manhattan was in order!

After a suprise snow squall left a couple of inches on our cars, we nearly cancelled. But it turned out to be the pefect day for museums and fancy lunch. Specifically roast chicken and chicken pot pie at this warm, welcoming space known as Rotisserie Georgette.



The Georgette in question is Georgette Farkas, who, for many years, ran the public relations for Daniel Boulud. (SCF fans may remember our epic meal in the skybox at Daniel, which Georgette was instrumental in setting up. And here is a link to other Daniel coverage on the achive blog and on the current one.) We didnt’ see Georgette this time around, but I felt like she was there in spirit, for sure.


We had the cat bird’s seat:lj011014rotisserieg02

These blue and white tiles were ones that Georgette’s family purchased in Portugal many years before.lj011014rotisserieg03

This one of game and fish hanging is super cool:lj011014rotisserieg04

So yeah, you don’t go to Rotisserie Georgette and not get poulet frites.


We loved the crisp skin, the half-head of garlic along side and the little pot of jus for dipping and pouring. The fries were crispy outside and puffy inside, and flecked with herbs.lj011014rotisserieg05

Eating the poulet frites on a dreary day such as this one reminded us of the time we stumbled upon a little cafe in Paris while seaching for an engagmenet ring along the Rue St.-Honoré in Paris. We don’t know the name of the place, but we’ll never forget the meal. Rainy and cold outside. Steamy and warm inside. Crispy fries. Juicy chicken. Just the best.

This was pretty darn close. Except for the Paris part.lj011014rotisserieg07


We adored the pot pie, too. It had perfectly square-cut pieces of carrot and lardons, along with chunks of chicken and a lot of tarragon. It was heavenly.lj011014rotisserieg08

A nice lightly dressed fresh salad came alongside both dishes.lj011014rotisserieg09

What a great spot for a warming meal on a rainy, cold day.lj011014rotisserieg11


Rotisserie Georgette, 14 E. 60th St., Manhattan. 212-390-8060,

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