Larchmont Cocktail Recipe

The Farm’s friend Ed loves a cocktail as much as we here at SCF. So for a couple years now, I’ve been badgering Ed to write a story about cockatils with local history for The Journal News. The Mad Men premiere seemed as good a news hook as any, and, deadline in hand, Ed set about researching and writing about several local drinks, including the Larchmont cocktail.

His piece, Mixing Drinks with Local Lore, published in April.

The first drink I had in mind to try at home was the Larchmont, invented by David Embury, a cocktilian who lived in Westchester and was known for his book, “The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks.”

Knowing I was out of Grand Marnier, I headed to Piermont Wines to procure it, only to be told by Jung that he didn’t have Grand Marnier; but instead offfered this newish liquer, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao,  which he much prefers. (It as created from a recipe that David Wondrich consulted on.)



It is a welcome addition to our bar.

So the Larchmont, yes. It’s sort of a take on a Daiquiri, so it’s lovely for spring. Ed likes this version by Paul Clarke from Imbibe magazine. I do too.


Larchmont Cocktail
3 ounces White Jamaican Rum
1 ounce freshly squeezed lime juice
1 ounce Grand Marnier
2 teaspoons simple syrup

Combine all ingredients over cracked ice in a shaker and stir. Serve in a chilled coupe, garnish with an orange peel and serve.

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