Friday Night in Nyack

A fun Friday night in Nyack: sips and snacks at a new restaurant, an art opening and a nightcap with an old favorite bartender.

First stop: Playhouse Market, a new food hall and gourmet shop in the old Tappan Zee Playhouse space.

Pear Collins with gin:


Greg’s martini:


Margherita pizza. The crust was very thin and crispy, but the sauce and toppings tasted too fussed with. Too much garlic, too much oregano. Not enough tomato flavor.lj050214playhouse04

These were supposed to be Lemongrass skewered jumbo shrimp. Though it’s hard to tell from the photo, they were about the size of my thumb. lj050214playhouse05

Also a bit too fussy. I will give them a pass, though, because it was opening night…. surely they’ll work out some kinks by the next time we visit.

Afterwards, we headed to Amis Gallery, where Kris was having her opening.

Irene and Hunna:


After the opening, we went to La Fontana for a nightcap, where we discovered, lo these many years later, that George, our old friend from LuShane’s, was behind the bar.

He made me a Southside:


Hunna, for some unknown reason, ordered a Manhattan:lj050214playhouse08

The restaurant:


And then, for some other unknown reason, Irene, Hunna and I had another nightcap on the porch. Good times!


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