Sour Cherry Farm Paradisio: Dazed & Confused

And, for our finale: We close the summer movie season out with a classic: Dazed & Confused.  Irene, Boo and Catherine joined us for steak on the grill, corn, tomato salad and a peach gallette, which Samantha helped make.

lj091214supper02 lj091214supper03

Figs, olives, proscuitto and feta:lj091214supper04

Beautiful lanterns:

lj091214supper05 lj091214supper06

Getting the movie all set: lj091214supper08

The garden at dusk:lj091214supper09 lj091214supper10

Ready for chow!lj091214supper11



Garlic bread from the grill:lj091214supper13

Very rare skirt steak!lj091214supper14

Corn, pre-buttered, natch:lj091214supper15

The (blurry) gallette:lj091214supper16

All right all right all right!lj091214supper17

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