8 North Broadway: A Saturday Night Out!

A rare Saturday night out at a restaurant! We head to 8 North Broadway, the restaurant in the former LuShane’s in downtown Nyack, with our friends Jane and Pat.






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Les Dorkages, duex:






Very nice, but I don’t need a flavored mignotte. Naked oysters more my style. Maybe a squeeze of lemon.





Sweet, fresh, good. Again, overly garnished, though.

Heirloom tomato salad:



Eh. Served cold (even the bowl was cold). And the flavors didn’t shine. I’ll skip this next time.

Sizzling Spanish Octopus with charred vegetables and red wine vinaigrette.


You know how sometimes you order octopus and it’s sort of slimy and mealy. No. Way. Here. It was crispy on the outside and unctuos and juicy on the inside. Just terrific.

Housemade cavatelli with chicken livers, chorizo and whipped ricotta.


Jane picked that dish, and it was the star of the night. We thought, chicken liver? Chorizo? Could it work? It does. It really does. Truly the best thing we ate (and also the dish with the fewest ingredients — at least visbily).

Here’s another that works. Surprisingly, really, because if you look at the plate, it’s just a mess! (Really, one of my first — and still, I think, valid — opinions about 8NB is that every dish could use an edit. It’s like when you’re getting dressed to go out to a party: Look at your outfit and remove at least one accessory. Same here. Do we really need the mustard seeds and the caperberry? Truly, everyone needs an editor — especially me. But I digress — and could use an editor myself.)

The dish tasted great. Cauliflower and scallops, both sweet and earthy.


The fish of the day, swordfish from Montauk.



Also super good! Nice rice on the side, too.



A nice night out!




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