This Ratatouille from Food52 is so Good it’s Scary

Mom, heading out of town, dropped off her CSA share. In it were peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and squash. Ratatouille, then!

I dreaded the idea of having to saute (or roast) each vegetable separately, and so I was so thrilled to come across this ratatouille recipe by Alice Waters on Food52, which makes you pay special attention to the eggplant (which you should) and lets the rest of the vegetables cook together.



Probably part of it was the pristine quality and ultimate freshness of the vegetables (they were from Cropsey, which I’ve covered before on SCF here), but this was the most delicious ratatouille I’ve ever, ever tasted.



Just. Wow.

Recipe here again: Ratatouille by Alice Waters on Food52.

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