SCF Goes to the Whitney: Big Day of Fun

For our annual BDoF with the sister outpost, Greg, Sarah and I headed to the Whitney, then out for drinks and dinner with Boo and Christy.

What a cool new building… just look at those terraces!


The inaugural exhibit:

lj071315whitney02 lj071315whitney03 lj071315whitney04 lj071315whitney05 lj071315whitney06

Les Dorkages:

lj071315whitney07 lj071315whitney08 lj071315whitney09 lj071315whitney10 lj071315whitney11 lj071315whitney12 lj071315whitney13 lj071315whitney14 lj071315whitney15

It’s like the city as important as the art! The show was a greatest-hits of sorts of the Whitney’s permanent collection.

Georgia O’Keefe:

lj071315whitney16 lj071315whitney17

ee cummings:

lj071315whitney18 lj071315whitney19

Musuem goers:lj071315whitney20

Calder’s Circus:

lj071315whitney21 lj071315whitney22

More of my favorites:lj071315whitney23 lj071315whitney24 lj071315whitney25 lj071315whitney26 lj071315whitney27 lj071315whitney28 lj071315whitney29 lj071315whitney30 lj071315whitney31 lj071315whitney32 lj071315whitney33 lj071315whitney34 lj071315whitney35


What fun! And a big thanks to Graham for the tickets!

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