Merry Christmas!

As you might expect, Samantha made out like a bandit. From Santa: A teepee, a toy rocketship and some drawing pads. From Grammy and LeighLo: a toy piano, a microscope and doll clothes. From mom and dad: a game of checkers/chess and a ton of legos.

We were lucky, though, that she slept until 7:45, and even wanted to snuggle a little bit before saying: “Let’s go downstairs and see if Santa came!”

Opening the stocking:


The rocketship:


The teepee:



lj122515morn04 lj122515morn05

A Frozen dress from Jessica!

lj122515morn06 lj122515morn07

Microscope and legos!

lj122515morn15 lj122515morn16

A calendar for Grammy and Leighlo:lj122515morn17 lj122515morn18 lj122515morn19

Christmas insanity:

lj122515morn20 lj122515morn21 lj122515morn22 lj122515morn23 lj122515morn24

And then, time for nap:lj122515morn25

And a little movie.lj122515morn26

Merry Christmas!

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