Christmas Pageant 2016

My little angel is growing up! This year in the Christmas Pageant, she was a “lead angel,” and led the procession down the aisle to “Glooooooria,” twirling as she went.

lj121816pageant01 lj121816pageant03  lj121816pageant05 lj121816pageant06

No room in the inn.


Ready to go, Sam?

lj121816pageant08  lj121816pageant10 lj121816pageant11 lj121816pageant12 lj121816pageant13 lj121816pageant14


And, just to keep the Pageant posts to a minimum, here are a few snaps from the “rehearsal” on Friday night.

lj121616pageant01 lj121616pageant02 lj121616pageant03 lj121616pageant04 lj121616pageant05 lj121616pageant06

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