Lunch on Arthur Avenue

Lunch on Arthur Avenue

What a wonderful, warm winter day to visit Arthur Avenue! We walked over from the New York Botanical Garden — and almost stopped to slurp a few raw clams at Cosenza’s. lj122716arthur01 lj122716arthur02

Decided against it, though, in favor of wood-fired pizza at Enzo’s of Arthur Avenue. Hat tip to Wendy for the recommendation.


A damn fine pizza!


Another order, the rigatoni bolognese.


Simply divine!

The restaurant is nice — I wasn’t expecting something so new-ish and renovated, but it works.lj122716arthur08 lj122716arthur09 lj122716arthur10

A welcoming marble bar for cocktails one evening.lj122716arthur11

After lunch, a quick spin through the market:lj122716arthur12

Bronx Beer Hall:

lj122716arthur19lj122716arthur13 lj122716arthur14 lj122716arthur15

Winter chestnuts:

lj122716arthur16 lj122716arthur17

Asking for a nougat candy:

A coffee for Dad:

lj122716arthur20  lj122716arthur22 lj122716arthur23

We almost stopped on our way out for some of these little babies:


Another adorable shop:


Fun times!  Next time, sausage and cheese! 

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