A Visit to the Bronx Zoo

A Visit to the Bronx Zoo

That was the big ask from this week: Mommy? Can we go to the zoo? Please? Please? I acquiesced.

I have a few lessons learned to share here, too. First: Yes, go in the Bronx River Gate. But then drive over from there to the Asia gate and do the monorail first. By the time we got there, the wait was more than 2 hours!

Second: Never, never, never go to the Bronx Zoo on a Wednesday. It is free day, and every school group and class trip — plus a gazillion regular folks — take advantage of it it. It’s way too crowded.

But we made the best of it.

Our first stop. The tigers.

Right there!

Next, sea lion feeding!



My favorite, the giraffes!

And, my least favorite. Gorillas. When you see the gorillas, you realize, we really shouldn’t be doing zoos.

A good trip, but we’ll do better next time.

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