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The Best Coleslaw

When I read that the editors at Leite’s Culinaria thought this was the best slaw “known to man,” I knew I had to investigate this claim. Turns out, if they’re not right, they’re darn close to right. This is is […]


Natural Dye for Easter Eggs

Cabbage. Red onions. Turmeric. Beets. They all make beautiful dye for Easter eggs, and it’s all-natural, too. And what a lucky discovery: the dye that was left on the paper towels as they dried? Made some of our eggs even […]


Putting Up Cabbage for Sauerkraut

Greg is putting up some summer cabbage. We’ll see you in about six weeks for some ‘kruat! Related posts: Greg’s Birthday Present: The Makings for Sauerkraut Cabbage and Kale Soup with Farro Recipe: Braised Savoy Cabbage Putting the Garden to […]