Dinner at La Condesa in Austin

On Saturday night, the adults got some of their own fun time. First, we headed to supper at La Condesa, a new-ish modern Mexican restaurant downtown. Wow. Was that food amazing.

We started with a cocktail at the bar.

Oh, hello Wilson!

Waiting in anticipation:

Ah, here we go!

Now to our table:

Here’s where things got really, really dark. I could only take flash photos, and they didn’t come out very well. But trust me when I say that everything from the ceviches to the tacos to the pork belly with figs (!) was completely terrific.

Even the chips and salsa were execptional:

One of the ceviche:

Another one:

I think this was the pork belly.

All I can say now is that I can’t wait to go back.

The 411 on La Condesa.

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