A Nightcap at the Hilton Bar

A Nightcap at the Hilton Bar

Is it ever really a good idea to have a nightcap at your hotel bar? I question the intelligence of this, but the fact is, we went ahead, and we ended up with some good material.

So here we  are, enjoying our bourbon. The band is playing.

Yes, that’s a woman singing and playing drums. Her only other accompaniment was a keyboard player. When we walked into the hotel lobby, we thought, Oh boy. This is the stuff that Saturday Night Live skits are made out of.

And then we were enjoying our drinks for a while, and you know what? We realized the band was pretty good. (Or was that the bourbon talking?) Anyway, you can judge for yourself, in this little clip I like to call “Greg Gets a Scolding.”


  1. Hotel bars are the best! Have a favorite @ Trenton Marriott.

  2. Thor says at least they weren’t taking things out of a suitcase in a visual interpretation of “The Rose” – (like in that Memorial Park band concert last time we were here!)

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  4. Hahaha! What the hell is her problem?