Breakfast at The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth

While Greg slept off his scolding, I slipped out of the hotel for an early breakfast. I had heard from the Boston friends we met at the Black Trumpet Bistro that the place to go was the Friendly Toast.

Apparently, a lot of other people agree! Luckily, I got there before the lines. My breakfast and the interior, after the jump.

Everyone and his mother was having their little breakfast on a Saturday morning:

I ordered “green eggs and ham”:

It was poached eggs with an herb sauce served on homemade anadama bread — a New England bread made with cornmeal and molasses. I didn’t expect the sauce to be a bechamel, for some reason, but it was pretty darn tasty. Delicious, even.

The restaurant is all retro inside, with old posters and neon signs:

Formica tables. Big bright paintings. Pendant lamps. Movie posters. And the coffee cups were those old insulated plastic ones we used to have at the cabin eons ago.

It’s a great breakfast, but the restaurant is insanity on a weekend morning for breakfast or brunch.I’ll bet it would be a great kid-friendly places with great adult food (and booze!) at night. And you could enjoy the kitchy atmosphere even more.

The 411 on The Friendly Toast: 121 Congress St., Portsmouth. 603-430-2154.

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