Passover Seder at Irene’s

I was so honored to be invited back for another Seder at Irene’s. I love learning and sharing the traditions, reading from the Haggadah and of course, sharing a tableful of fabulous food. The first was in 2007, but I didn’t blog that one. Then there was the completely over-the-top delicious feast of 2008. I didn’t think it was possible to better that. I was wrong.

To start, Irene lights the candles:

Everyone gathers to read the story:

Kevin and Nena:


Andrea can read in Hebrew. I tried by reading the English words, but wasn’t that successful:

“Why is this night different from all others?”

Parsley, salt water, charoset, horseradish:

Gorgeous flowers:

Andrea and Jeff’s daugher Sophie:

Irene’s homemade gefilte fish with horseradish and capers:

A Stone Barns egg:

Nena and Ruth:

David, Maddy and Sandy:

David, Maddy, Sandy and Jeff:

Eamon and Sadie:

(Let’s just compare to the first time I met them back in 2007. I’m just saying.)

Our first course was Kris and Tom’s amazing matzo ball soup.

The broth was beautiful and the matzo balls were works of art.

Our main course was an embarrassment of riches.

Irene dresses the salad with a little help from Sophie:

Fennel salad with olives and pine nuts:

Hearts of romaine with anchovy dressing:

Scalloped potatoes:

Clockwise from left, haroset, chicken, carrots and lamb:

A closer look at the lamb:



Carrots with caraway seed:

Guests at the buffet:

A beautiful table with delicious food and lively guests:

Lynn, Tom and Kris:

My plate:

Humberto and Joan:

Boozy Orange-Vanilla Flan (recipe here):


Decadent Fudge Brownies:

Dessert sampler:

And over dessert, Joan told the story of how, a year ago today, she had the help of an army of friends to help her rebuild her garden, which has been destroyed by a flood.

While everyone worked to spread compost and topsoil, Irene cooked. She made tacos. I bet they were delicious.

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