The Last Cabin Supper

Watermelon-peach-tomato salad. Steak. Corn. And more tomatoes. Can’t beat that with a stick.

And, just because it’s so pretty, a little slicing tomato action here above the jump:

Tomato still life:


Garlic bread:


Delishy steak:


Supper plate:

Wilson and Sarah:

And we’ll end on this. We always come away with some funny phrase when everyone’s hanging out together. This time, it was the hilarious sentence that Greg overheard someone pronounce at the dollar store in Dayton. Apropos of nothing, with no other context, he overheard her say:

“And I got a coharn on ma faingar!”

[Translation: corn on my finger.]

No. we still don’t have an answer. But here’s a little coharn, just in case. Keep your faingars away from it!

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