BGR: The Burger Joint in Mount Kisco

I haven’t had a burger out — that is, one I didn’t make — in all of 2011. Being pregnant, I just didn’t want to risk it. So I was really looking forward to having a great burger. And after our market trip, that’s just what we did. We headed to BGR, which opened a couple of months ago in Mount Kisco.

It was a worthy re-entry into the burger world, for sure. More, after the jump.

The place conveniently located on a corner right near the train station.

Those nice people held the door for Greg so he could push Srimp in her stroller. The line was horrendously long.

And the people in it, especially the guy right behind me, were truly annoying. In fact, we decided that most of the crowd at BGR were the epitome of what we hate about the crowds in Westchester. Or maybe it was just a Saturday during holiday shopping season. Luckily, the food made up for it.

My vanilla milkshake. Creamy, sweet, cold.

Greg’s burger with American cheese and the works — every topping on the menu:

My burger, called The Wellington, with mushrooms, caramelized onions and blue cheese:

Delishy, indeed. Unfortunately, a little rich, though. So rich, I couldn’t finish. I definitely preferred Greg’s burger. You could taste the beef — juicy and beefy — and it was just more burger-y. I guess when you put mushrooms and blue cheese on a burger, it just becomes something else.

The fries and the onion rings were really top-notch. Notable. A highlight, even. BGR is a chain — a franchise a lot like Five Guys, in fact.  But that doesn’t make it any less worth of a visit. Just two small complaints: We asked for burgers medium well and there was still plenty of pink. It was cooked fine, nowhere near rare, but I was glad I’d asked for them medium well and not medium or medium rare — I wonder if we would have got black and blue burgers! Also, this place ain’t cheap: for 2 burgers with fries and onion rings and two drinks, the bill was $40. Still, I highly recommend a visit if you have a BRG near you — the food is truly tasty. I know we’ll be back to Mount Kisco whenever the BGR craving hits.

The 411 on BGR: In the heart of Mount Kisco, a cooked-to-order burger joint called BGR: The Burger Joint. Prime beef, great fries and shakes, and a perfunctory but comfortable dining room decorated with 80s album covers. Go for the regular burger rather than the fancy ones, and don’t miss out on the onion rings. 20 S. Moger Ave., Mount Kisco.  914-864-2151.

20 S Moger Ave  Mt Kisco, NY 10549-2205
(914) 864-2151

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