Roast Chicken Takeout from Maura’s Kitchen in Nyack

A Peruvian place with terrific roast chicken opened in Nyack recently, and we’ve had a few meals now and loved every one. So when Kelli and Patrick came over — and no one wanted to do the cooking — we called for two chickens, rice and beans. We’ve could hardly have been more pleased.

Patrick and Kelli:

The kitchen counter with our takeout buffet supper:

The chicken is so juicy and scrumptious. There’s a spice rub, but it’s not spicy, just really flavorful.

Kelli and Patrick also brought over our table, which we’d lent them years before. The Christmas tree was out, and the new table was in. Patrick does a Vanna White for us:

We spent the evening catching up, feeding Sam and hanging out. It was a lovely, laid-back evening. And the food made it even better.