Pre-Theater Dining at Casellula in Midtown

A quick pre-theater supper on my own tonight: at the bar at Casellula near 9th Avenue. I’ve been before and loved it. This trip is no different. The asparagus dish is especially impressive. Its served with a hollandaise-y but more hard boiled-y egg garnish, rhubarb vinaigrette and hazelnuts. Brilliant!

The shrimp tacos were also nice. Served with avocado salsa verde and black bean puree.

I took this photo because I like both lighting fixtures very much.

And here’s a look at the crowd.

The play tonight, by the way, was The Columnist with John Lithgow. Very good!

 Casellula, 401 W. 52nd near 9th. 212-247-8137.

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