Carol’s Birthday Party at Irene’s

Carol’s Birthday Party at Irene’s

Each December, Irene’s sister, Carol, comes visiting from Chicago. We usually get the chance to celebrate her birthday in style, and for us, with luck: a dinner birthday party prepared by Irene. And we’ve celebrated enough birthdays with Carol now to know that there will always be a special present coming from Irene: Flowers.

Irene and Carol

They are not always actually flowers, either. I remember one year for Irene’s birthday, Carol took a photos of Irene’s friends, framed them in flowers and put them in one of those photo-holder thingies with the metal arms and the clips so the photos would resemble a bouquet.

Birthday Cake

This year, Irene arranged something pretty special: Balloon flowers, delivered by Mario the Magician, who then did a few card tricks for us, too!

balloon flowers

When Maddy and Kevin are there, which is often, we celebrate their December birthdays, too.  Happy birthday everyone!

Kevin and Maddy

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Irene served an “Ugly Flowers” cocktail, called so for the theme of the evening, but based on a cocktail called The French Blonde from

Ugly Flowers Cocktail

Irene also turned Mindy’s beautiful cauliflower-tahini salad into an hors d’oeuvre by making the dressing a dip!

Mindy's Cauliflower Salad

Irene was donning an apron Carol brought for her; they know it was their mom’s, and it may have been their grandmom’s.

Irene in her apron

I mind my own business

I’m not sure I remember what’s going on here:

Tom, Kris, Sam and Greg

Tom, Kris, Sam and Greg

Then Mario arrived with flowers in hand!

Mario the Magician

Mario the Magician

Mario the Magician

After the fun — and it was fun! — we sat down to dinner.

Onion soup with croutons and cheese:

And fried fish with mashed potatoes and a Brussels sprouts salad with blue cheese, pears and walnuts:


The gang:

Kevin at the the table

Birthday cake

The birthday kids blow out their candles:

Birthday cake

We stayed a while, laughing lots. Really lots! Then we took Sam, who had been sound asleep in the pack n play upstairs, on the midnight run back home.

bugaboo stroller

Happy birthday Carol, Maddy and Kevin!

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