Dinner and an Outdoor Movie, Lexi Edition

Saturday night in the summer at the farm: burgers on the grill and a movie on the garage. Except this time, the burgers were vegetarian.



We used Maria Reina’s Seasonal Chef recipe from Small Bites for Black Bean-Chipotle burgers (click for the link), and it turned out just fabulous. Maria says she makes these in bulk and freezes the patties individually for a quick anytime meal.

lj080914supper03We’ll be doing that, too! Sam will love these, and it’s always good to have something on hand fo her.

We started the meal with Michael Symon’s Watermelon and Halloumi (recipe here):lj080914supper01

An “ussie,” of Grandma Sondra, Aunt Liz and Lexi:lj080914supper02

No photos of the guys today.

Here’s our supper. Black bean burgers, peach-tomato salad with red onion, Doris’ cucumber salad and corn on the cob. Delishy!


And afterwards, a showing of “Stand By Me.”lj080914supper06 lj080914supper07


A fine time was had by all!



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