Author: Liz


Sunday Supper at the Ranch

For Sunday supper at the Ranch, we dined on pork chops and Mom showed off her new plants in the garden: Related posts: Sunday Night Supper: Scallops and Mushrooms Sunday Supper at the Sister Outpost Sunday Night Supper: Scallops Saturday […]


Whole Fish with Orange and Fennel

I found these beautiful striped bass at the Palisades Farmers Market, and couldn’t resist. Related posts: Flank Steak with Garlic and Herbs Supper: Jalapeno Shrimp, Mango Salad and Cilantro Rice For Mother’s Day, Grandmom’s Favorite Dishes Supper with Chris


Supper at Striped Bass in Tarrytown

When I was reporting for the recent story on waterfront dining in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam, I had the chance to try the new menu at Striped Bass in Tarrytown. The food certainly fits the bill for a waterfront spot: lobsters, […]


More Berries for the Farm

Each year the Farm’s crops grow. This year, we’re adding blackberries to our repertoire. Related posts: The Great Nyack House Tour Spring at the Farm: Asparagus, Apples and Sour Cherries Welcome to the New Sour Cherry Farm Farm and Fowl; […]


Supper: Chicken, Aparagus, Salad

Mostly from the garden: Related posts: Supper: Jalapeno Shrimp, Mango Salad and Cilantro Rice Fried Chicken Saturday Night Supper Farm and Fowl; Supper in the Garden Supper on the Patio with Kelly and Jessica


The Great Nyack House Tour

We had a fabulous time looking at some of Nyack’s best homes on a tour that was a benefit for the Historical Society. I don’t want to give anything away about which house was what, because some people don’t broadcast […]


Friday Night at Barcel

Cafe Barcel in Nyack is quickly becoming our go-to restaurant when we don’t feel like cooking. It’s just about the closest restaurant you can walk to from the farm, and the food is so darn good. Plus, they recently started […]


Welcome to the New Sour Cherry Farm

As you can see, we have a new look for Sour Cherry Farm. We’re still working out the details, but for now, please poke around. Let us know what’s working and what’s not. And if you’re looking for a favorite […]


Recipe: Charmoula Marinade for Lamb

I’ve been using this recipe — which I originally found on Epicurious — since 1999. When you’re looking for the flavors of Morocco, it’s a can’t-miss. Related posts: Recipe: Cilantro Rice with Peas Recipe: Jalapeno-Garlic Shrimp Dry Rub for Barbecue […]


Recipe: Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp cocktail is my Grandmother’s favorite hors d’oeuvre, and it’s always a crowd-pleaser. If you take the time to cook it fresh, rather than buying frozen and defrosting it, your shrimp will have texture — it’ll pop in your mouth, […]


The Farm Gets Bees!

After our trip to see Stephen’s bees, Greg was a goner. His heart was set on getting bees, no matter what. He was all crazy researching where to find them — and really the closest place was up near Saratoga […]


Sunday Night Supper: Scallops and Mushrooms

We just can’t resist the scallops at the Palisades Farmers Market. So we got ourselves some for Sunday night supper. We sauteed those suckers, cooked some mushrooms and called it a night. Related posts: Sunday Night Supper: Scallops Saturday Night […]


Sunday Night Supper: Scallops

We just love the fish we’ve been getting at the Palisades Farmers Market from Pura Vida Fishery. Captain Rick fishes off the coast of Long Island, and brings us his catch. Man are those scallops terrific. Related posts: Saturday Night […]


Progress in the Orchards

The apples are blossoming, the cherries are forming and the apricots are looking great. Here’s a look: Related posts: Spring at the Farm: Asparagus, Apples and Sour Cherries


Recipe: Chocolate Toffee Cookies

Sarah turned me on to the Smitten Kitchen web site, where there are a lot of good vegetarian recipes and tons and tons of sweets. That girl likes to bake! I normally don’t like to bake, but these cookies are […]


Get Thee to The Cookery

I had a lovely supper with Marissa and Boo at The Cookery. We even tried lambs brains ravioli! I wasn’t too keen on it, but you know what? It tastes like butter. Related posts: Recipe for Easter Pie, Step-by-Step