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Lunch at Coppa in the South End

After my morning walk, I headed back to the apartment Greg and I rented on Marlborough Street to see how his highness was doing. (Sorry: no photos of the apartment, I forgot. But you can check it out on […]


Heading to Boston

On Sunday, we headed to Boston. Not for a research or a restaurant trip  — though we did get to try some good eats. No, it was to help out with Fischer, who was having his ACL repaired at Boston […]


Thanksgiving Leftovers

We piled everything in the fridge — turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts — even some bok choy — on a plate and called it supper. Yum. Our special pattened reheating method, after the jump. Related posts: Leftovers for a […]


Thanksgiving 2010

The brown meal got all dolled up this year, with ribbons and garnishes decorating nearly every plate. Other than that, it was a pretty traditional Thanksgiving: Martinis, Supper, Songs. A pictorial, after the jump. Related posts: Sunday Night Supper: Mini-Thanksgiving […]


A Harvest Costume Party at Church

The parish will be marking the 150th anniversary of Grace Church throughout the year. But we started it off with a Harvest Party, where you were invited to dress as if you were from any of the 15 decades that […]


Lunch at the Russian Holiday Boutique

Stroganoff. Dumplings. Stuffed cabbage. It must be that special time of year: The Russian Festival. Related posts: Lunch at Anthos Lunch at Bayview Lobster in Camden Lunch at Louisa’s Lunch at Haiku in White Plains


Sips and Snacks at Benjamin Steakhouse

If I told you there was an excellent steak at Benjamin Steakhouse in Hartsdale, you probably wouldn’t be surprised. The owners,Benjamin Prelvukaj and chef Artruo McLeod, are alums of Peter Luger in Brooklyn. But what would you say if I […]


Beans on Toast and a Nice Salad

Greg made a simple supper for us on a Wednesday night, but it looked so beautiful I couldn’t resist taking a photo! Beans on toast with peas and onion, and an arugula salad from the garden with butternut squash and […]

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A Bad Supper at the Farm

It happens, folks. Sometimes we don’t do so well on supper. This one wasn’t our fault, though. We got some duck from the Old World Market and, well, it was rather old. Old enough that it tasted livery. Yuck. too […]

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Cocktail Recipe: Carjack

We like to call this cocktail the Carjack. It’s little twist on a Sidecar, but it’s made with applejack brandy rather than cognac. Clever, huh? PrintCarjack Original Sour Cherry Farm recipe here: Carjack.Ingredients8 ounces Laird’s Applejack Brandy 4 ounces Cointreau […]


BDoF: Irene’s Party!

So for the final portion of our BDoF, we went to Irene’s “It Ain’t 50!” birthday party. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of the host — who looked ravishing, by the way! — but I did get a couple […]


Sunday Night Supper

Bon Chon wings and a salad with ranch dressing. Yum! Related posts: Sunday Night Supper: Balsamic Chicken Sunday Night Supper: Mini-Thanksgiving Sunday Night Supper: Scallops Sunday Night Pasta Supper

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Cocktail Recipe: Jack Rose

Greg likes to call this drink “my old friend Jack Rose.” This night, however, he wasn’t as friendly as usual. (Jack Rose, not Greg.) We used an organic, natural grenadine, and my theory is that some of the syrupy sweetness […]

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Scallops with Lamb Sausage and Beans

SCF fans may remember a really fun dinner with Boo where we served a terrific dish we made last year from Michael Symon’s book, “Live to Cook.” It’s a delicious combination of lamb sausage with heady spices mixed in with […]


Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

I liked the musical Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson so much, I went again. I snapped this photo of the hanging horse in the theater: Irene joined us. We had dinner at Shake Shack again, and then settled in for a […]


Recap of October Posts

SCF fans, I am trying. I’ve caught up with all of June, all of July (including our trip to the North Fork and a visit from Sarah, Wilson and the girls) and some of August. I still have September to […]


Election Night at O’D’s

Back when I was a cub reporter and worked the city desk on election night, the whole gang used to end up at O’Donoghue’s sometime in the wee hours of the morning to relax with a beer after all the […]


Monday Night Supper: Beans and Sausage

Leftover beans with pancetta and sage from the freezer and some chicken sausage. With a glass of red, natch: Related posts: Supper: Hickory Smoked Chicken and AB’s Baked Beans Monday Night Cookout: Chicken Fried Chicken Saturday Night Supper Saturday Night […]


Tagliatelle with Truffles

For Sunday night supper, we put our ingredients from our trip to Eataly to good use. We boiled the tagliatelle for exactly three minutes, drained it, but left a little pasta water in the pot and tossed it with butter, […]

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Halloween at the Farm

Halloween at the farm usually includes silly hats. Today, the Hunna has a frightening wig: And some yummy candy: Irene joined us for oysters, pasta and a little low-impact singing to Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. Related posts: Cathy, Thor and […]