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The Bees are Buzzing!

I ran the lawnmower in front of the bees, and boy did they get all uppity about it! They were buzzing so much I had to get the camera out. So here’s a look-see. More photos, after the jump. Related […]


Pleasantville Farmers Market

The neighbors joined us for a trip the P’ville Market Saturday morning. Guess what we found? That’s right, folks. It’s sour cherry season! More photos from the market, after the jump. Related posts: Shopping in Palisades: the Market and the […]


Supper at Day Boat Cafe in Irvington

After drinks at the Red Hat, we walked around the corner for supper at the Day Boat Cafe, a new seafood restaurant in Irvington. The ceiling is lined with red oars. Our fish dinner, after the jump. Related posts: Drinks […]


Dinner from the Harvest at Sour Cherry Farm

We harvested lettuce, beets and carrots from the fields this afternoon, and made a delishy salad for dinner. Roasted carrots, roasted beets, goat cheese, fresh lettuce with lemon vinaigrette and garlic bread. After the jump, the harvest: Related posts: Welcome […]


Recipe: Lemonade

It couldn’t be easier to make delicious homemade fresh lemonade — and it’s oh-so-much better tasting than anything you mix up from a powder. Related posts: Recipe: Shrimp Cocktail Watermelon-Basil Mojitos Recipe: Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe: Creme Fraiche Ice Cream


Back at Barcel

It’s just so easy for us to go to Barcel. It’s four blocks away, we love the food, and it’s not that expensive. I guess that’s why we go so often. This time, we went for brunch! Even the toast […]


Recipe: Creme Fraiche Ice Cream

I got a bee in my bonnet about having some creme fraiche ice cream to go with all the good fruit and pies we’ve been having, and that’s not something they have in the freezer aisle at the store. So […]


Farmers Market Loot

I don’t do this feature anymore much, but these strawberries looked so darn good I just had to share: Related posts: Shopping in Palisades: the Market and the Farmers Market


Ultimate Tapas Run: El Faro in the MePa

El Faro has been around a very long time. Since 1927, according to the sign out front. Yeah. We’re talking old school.  There’s a worn wooden bar, a drop ceiling and a terrazzo cement floor that’s so worn down that the step […]


Monday Night Cookout: Chicken

To end Memorial Day weekend, we threw a couple chickens on the Weber (no relation) kettle and smoked ’em with some hickory. Tasha and Shannon brought our favorite radish crostini, and we made it a night. Related posts: Fried Chicken […]

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Recipe: Strawberry Daiquiri

All you need is a pint of fresh strawberries, rum, lime juice, sugar and ice and you’ve got yourself the makings for a fabulous cocktail. The fact that you’re using local, seasonal ingredients is just a bonus when it comes […]


Memorial Day Saturday: Cocktails and Burgers

Nothing says Memorial Day like margaritas. Related posts: Saturday Night Supper: Pork Chops and Polenta Fried Chicken Saturday Night Supper For Mother’s Day, Grandmom’s Favorite Dishes Supper: Jalapeno Shrimp, Mango Salad and Cilantro Rice


Update on the Progress in the Fields

Memorial Day weekend and the peonies are at their prime. The garden is really growing now. Come take a look! Related posts: Reporting in on the Progress in the Fields Progress in the Orchards A Tree Comes Down in Nyack


Friday Night at Barcel

Home from work on Friday. Don’t much feel like cooking. Funny, neither do the neighbors. So the four of us head down to our new favey resto: Cafe Barcel. Didier was at the bar. Related posts: Friday Night at Barcel […]


Sunday Supper at the Ranch

For Sunday supper at the Ranch, we dined on pork chops and Mom showed off her new plants in the garden: Related posts: Sunday Night Supper: Scallops and Mushrooms Sunday Supper at the Sister Outpost Sunday Night Supper: Scallops Saturday […]


Whole Fish with Orange and Fennel

I found these beautiful striped bass at the Palisades Farmers Market, and couldn’t resist. Related posts: Flank Steak with Garlic and Herbs Supper: Jalapeno Shrimp, Mango Salad and Cilantro Rice For Mother’s Day, Grandmom’s Favorite Dishes Supper with Chris


Supper at Striped Bass in Tarrytown

When I was reporting for the recent story on waterfront dining in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam, I had the chance to try the new menu at Striped Bass in Tarrytown. The food certainly fits the bill for a waterfront spot: lobsters, […]


More Berries for the Farm

Each year the Farm’s crops grow. This year, we’re adding blackberries to our repertoire. Related posts: The Great Nyack House Tour Spring at the Farm: Asparagus, Apples and Sour Cherries Welcome to the New Sour Cherry Farm Farm and Fowl; […]


Supper: Chicken, Aparagus, Salad

Mostly from the garden: Related posts: Supper: Jalapeno Shrimp, Mango Salad and Cilantro Rice Fried Chicken Saturday Night Supper Farm and Fowl; Supper in the Garden Supper on the Patio with Kelly and Jessica