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The Headband Game!

My family is a bunch of dorks. And it makes me so proud. A rainy morning at the cabin and Sarah breaks out “Headbands.” You put this on your head. Everyone else knows what you are. You do not. So […]

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BLT Dinner!

I bring you today’s supper at The Cabin: BLT with bacon from Main Street Meats and sourdough bread from Bluff View Bakery. First, a cucumber cocktail creation by Sarah. Gin, lime, cukes and SS. Greg presides over the fixin’s bar. […]


Sunset Cruise

For today’s sunset cruise, we went upriver and explored a couple of coves just north of our property. Mae got the chance to drive! Blurry, but we took this photo because the house is for sale.  Before Instagram filter: After: […]


Arugula Pesto

We originally made this Arugula Pesto to dress the Marbled Potato Salad we were serving for Easter supper. But as it turns out, we’ve been spooning it over all sorts of other things now too: on sandwiches, on salads, on […]


Goodbye, Cabin

In the morning, we packed up and headed out. Not for home — not yet. We have stops in Tennessee, Virginia and Pennsylvania to share with you. But first, the traditional family photo outside the front door. Photo by Wilson. […]

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The Last Cabin Supper

Watermelon-peach-tomato salad. Steak. Corn. And more tomatoes. Can’t beat that with a stick. And, just because it’s so pretty, a little slicing tomato action here above the jump: Related posts: Back at the Cabin for Supper on the Porch Welcome […]


A Few More Lake Photos

We’ll get back to food in just a moment folks. Indulge me in one more round of fun photos from the lake. (Don’t forget, the motto of SCF is “Eat. Drink. Live.” We’re doing some living!) Swimming with Wilson, Sarah, […]

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We’re On a Boat

There’s nothing quite like the stillness of the lake just before sunset. So on both Wednesday and Thursday, we ate super-early and were able to take a dip in the water and a nice spin around the lake before dark. […]


Late Night at the Cabin

Folks, I promise to get back to cooking and recipes in a few posts. For now, indulge me in a few photos for posterity’s sake. Here’s the family having a few drinks after the evening’s round of game playing. Here’s […]


Afternoon Card Games

Another lake tradition is playing cards in the afternoon. More often if it’s raining, but sometimes just because. Leigh and Lexi take a stab at Russian Bank: Related posts: Games on the Screened-In Porch Relaxing at the Dock Wild Card […]


Relaxing at the Dock

Reading magazines, swimming, birdwatching, napping. These are the things you do by the lakeside in Tennessee. Right, Laurie?   Related posts: Back at the Cabin for Supper on the Porch Father’s Day Garden Party at the Farm Mountain House with […]


Lexi Skiing!

After a few days of trying and ending up skies akimbo with mouthfuls of water, Alexis finally mastered waterskiing. She took her first spin on Thursday morning, July 7, 2011, and went all around Sale Creek further than we experienced […]

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Welcome to The Cabin!

Our first night of fun at the cabin. What a joy to have all the family in one place for vacation…. we can’t remember the last time that’s happened. Related posts: Sunday Supper with Grandmom and the Ranchers: Burgers, Wedge […]


On the Road to Tennessee

After an incredible dinner at Town House and a night’s stay at the wonderful Riverstead, we, we stopped at Shannon’s childhood home to top it off with a lovely visit with her folks, Otis and Lisa. (SCF fans may remember […]


SCF on the Road

Before I get started on this jag of posts from Tennessee and Virginia, a little disclaimer: Y’all realize that I’m about six weeks behind in posting to the blog, right? In other words, please don’t come over to rob the […]