Update on the Gardens: Cherries, Chives, Columbine, Iris, Peonies and More

The plants got a late start this year, but the garden seems to be perking up quite a bit now that Memorial Day weekend is here. Here’s a look around, starting with the chives in the herb garden:

Columbine, called ‘Little Lantnerns.’ (Here’s a post when I planted it, along with its buddy that didn’t make it through the drought.)


Allium, on its last legs:


Siberian Iris:



Is there anything more beautiful than the smell of a peony?

Regular Iris:


Hard to see, but the new bed is developing nicely. I think because the tree isn’t there to suck all the water out of the ground, the plants are getting much bigger this year:

The Irises by the back gate are yellow:

Hydrangea watch:


The fields:

Baby blueberries:


The Irises in the front:

The flowering quince sure have grown nicely from the little wisps they were when I first got them in 2009!

(They’re the shrubs in between the purple Iris and the raised beds.)

I walked between our house and the neighbors, along Stump Lane, and got these snaps from across the fence. Irises:


A glass of rose?

Why not!

Back on our side, we’ve got oregano, thyme, tarragon, sage, rosemary, lemon verbena, basil, pimentos and poblanos. And those chives, of course:

Peas, fennel, beans and tomatoes:

New pots this year. I thought we should have a little color in the front:

More jasmine:

OK, no, this isn’t the most beautiful photo, but I just planted this little patch of dirt with bee balm, black eyed susans, a butterfly bush and a tall grass (fescue, I think?). And also brought over the horseradish and the mums:

Elderberry flower:

What is this under the pear tree? I can’t remember:

The blackberries seem to like the new trellis we built for them:

And here are the Sour Cherry Farm hives:

Get to work, girls!

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