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Maple Rye Sour

Here’s a nice drink for sipping by the fire in winter. Maple Rye Sour 8 ounces rye 2 ounces lemon juice 2 ounces orange juice 1 ounce maple syrup 1 ounce amaro Albano Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker […]


Bad News on the Bees

It was warm enough to do a hive inspection. What we feared has come true: the green hive did not make it. Not enough honey. The white hive, though, is OK. Hoping there’s enough pollen now to get them off […]

cocktails, recipes

Bronx Cocktail

Earlier this week, I received a big box of citrus from my friend Cherril’s trees. Cherril, a friend I met on my work trip to Nashville last year, lives in Arizona, and grows grapefruit, pomelos, blood oranges, Meyer lemons and more. […]


Winter Panzanella

Did you ever think to have panzanella salad in winter? Martha Rose Shulman did. I made it for a Super Bowl pot luck we threw at work, and I must say it was quite a hit. It’s nice to have […]


Snow at the Farm

We haven’t had too much snow this year — save for the big one a few weeks ago — so this dusting was actually sort of pleasant. The birds are happy to find the suet in the pear tree, that’s […]


Porta Napoli in Harrison

I believe you’re all aware of my fondness for Don Antonio’s pizza. The one in midtown. My go-to pre-theater spot. Well that restaurant is indirectly related to the new Porta Napoli, a Neapolitan pizzeria and wine bar that opened in […]


Chicken Shawarma Recipe

A chicken shawarma recipe has been haunting me. It looks so damn good on the New York Times cooking site. Go ahead, take a look. It’s here: Chicken shawarma recipe. After I clicked on it once, I saved it to my […]

cocktails, recipes

The Boulevardier

We came across The Boulevardier recipe in The Essential New York Times Book of Cocktails. We highly recommend the book; it’s a great addition to any cocktailian’s library. The Boulevardier 4 ounces rye or bourbon 2 ounces Campari 2 ounces sweet […]


Kishuya in Hartsdale

Another new ramen place has opened in Westchester, and so we paid a visit. Dumplings: Saturday lunch crowd: Little girl and her bear: A little tea, thank you. The pork buns were pretty good, but not outstanding. Too tough, not […]



We’re getting lots of chickadees and woodpeckers on our suet feeder outside the big kitchen window. It’s such a pleasure seeing them every morning. Related posts: Sunday Morning Play Sunrise at the Farm Post Labor Day G&T (With a Gin […]


Spring in December

Things are sprouting that should not be sprouting. Here are all the spring flowers I saw on my walk today, starting with the chervil in our very own garden: Coneflower buds: ‘ Dianthus: Sedum buds: Daisies: Vinca: Kind of outrageous, […]


Breakfast Strata

The last thing you want to do when you wake up on Christmas morning is cook. So make your breakfast the night before. How does egg, spinach, sausage and cheese sound? I’ve made this Christmas breakfast strata recipe a few times, […]


Pumpkin Bread

There’s something very Christmas-y about baking a loaf of pumpkin bread. It fills the house with the aroma of those winter-warm spices while it’s cooking, and afterwards, becomes the oh-I’ll-just-sneak-a-taste snack cake you just need to have lying around over […]


Cheers! It’s Salty Dog Season

The annual shipment of grapefruit from the Valley has arrived, so we immediately got to juicing. For our favorite grapefruit cocktail recipe go here: Salty Dogs. Related posts: Cheers to Salty Dog Season! It’s Salty Dog Season! Salty Dogs! Salty […]


Pizza at Marta

While the pizza momentum in New York has been building for years now, the quality pies have mostly been Neapolitan in nature: cripsy, yes, but also puffy and slightly chewy. Enter Marta, Danny Meyer’s latest venture with Maialino chef Nick […]


The Birds

A bizarre flock of birds taking rest in the trees above our walk around the JN building today. Noting the beauty. Related posts: A Pinecone Project Patio Update: The Rock Has Been Crushed Roast Chicken with Thyme, Lemon and Rosemary […]

cocktails, recipes

American 76

We wanted an American cocktail for Thanksgiving, and we wanted something festive and bubbly. Sarah and I came up with a brilliant solution, if we do say so ourselves: a riff on the French 75, with American bourbon instead of gin. We […]


Making Turkey Stock

It’s never too early to start cooking for Thanksgiving! We made a big batch of turkey stock for gravy. Need a recipe? Follow this one for chicken stock, but substitute turkey! Related posts: Turkey Gravy Thanksgiving Turkey Gravy Recipe Dry-Brined […]