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Big Wong in Chinatown

If you’re looking for a hearty breakfast on a cold winter’s day it’s hard to get something more satisfying than congee, the Chinese rice porridge. It wasn’t exactly chilly the day I tried it at Big Wong, but it was […]


Brickhouse in Nyack

@seekingsandwiches told us. And he was right. The chicken sandwich at Brickhouse in Nyack is crazy good. lohudfood recommended the best fried chicken sandwiches in the region, and the one at Brickhouse made the list. Our correspondent, Anthony of Seeking […]


Great Northern Food Hall

The Great Northern Food Hall opened in spring, 2016 at Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. Claus Meyer, one of the founders of the restaurant noma, is taking over the train station, leaving his Scandinavian mark on the tastebuds of travelers and […]


Rosemary & Vine in Rye

Rosemary & Vine in Rye is the sort of restaurant that never would have existed even just five years ago. But today, Middle Eastern-influenced, vegetarian food has a certain cool factor, thanks, in part, to chef Yotam Ottolenghi.   A […]


A Summer Burger

That’s what summer’s about. A big, fat burger, right off the grill. Cheese, tomato, lettuce and pickle. Yum. Related posts: Bobby’s Burger Palace: This Burger is Crunchified! BGR: The Burger Joint in Mount Kisco Bobby’s Burger Palace A Walk with […]


BLT on Sourdough

Our bakery at the farmers market sell the same rolls that Tom Colicchio uses at his ‘wichcraft outposts. And it is darn good. Our BLT was quite special. Both red and green tomatoes. Kewpie mayo. Benton’s bacon. Farm-fresh iceberg. Yes, special […]


Pig Roast at Oratamin

What a feast! The excellent cooks at our pool club pulled off a total win: a pig roast! Butterflied, injected with soy and apple cider and cooked low and slow for many, many hours, this was some of the most delicious […]


What is This Plant?

I came across this weird looking plant on the bike path. Anyone know what it is? That’s the leaf: Related posts: Garden Planning: What To Plant on the Walkway Breakfast Buffet for the Farm Guests Nyack Garden Club Plant Sale Nyack […]


Goodbye, Pear Tree

How very sad. Our pear tree has succumbed to a terrible case of cedar-apple rust. The tree is dead. Branch by branch, we clipped it off and cut it up. A very sad day. Related posts: Pear Harvest: It’s a […]


Getting to Know the Teams

After a day of training and presentation, the Gannett groups got to know each other a little better over drinks at Barrel & Bushel in McLean. First, a meeting in the Hilton Lobby: Drinks and snacks: Good food! My team! […]


Travel to McLean

A work trip to McLean, Virginia… and I decided to go Acela. Why not! We love trains. Though the system at Penn Station is a little uncivilized, I must admit. They don’t tell you the gate until moments before boarding. […]


Oh, These Bees

Lots of drone cells. Lots of honey. Not lots of brood. We have another problem on our hands. I think it’s a laying worker. Caught in the act! We’ll research this and let you know. Beekeeping is so fraught with […]


BLT Supper at The Cabin

Tonight’s summer supper starts with a sipper: The Cucumber Creek, a cucumber-mint-gin number concocted by Sarah. Angry Greg in his flag shirt! Plus, watermelon, cucumbers, corn salad and … tomatoes! Our delicious sammy, on sourdough bread. Related posts: The Last […]


First BLT of the Season

As I said in my Instagram post, I hope nobody calls the authorities. We’re jumping the gun just a little on the season. But man, it was delicious. We are hoping we don’t attract the attention of the authorities by […]


Our Pear Tree is Sick

What a shame! After nearly 8 years, and countless good harvests, sometimes of 150 pears or more, our pear tree is dying. It is, it turns out, cedar apple rust. And some bugs, too. It’s beyond upsetting.   Related posts: […]


Roc N Ramen in New Rochelle

We at lohudfood recorded our most recent podcast at Roc N Ramen, where we discovered some jaw-droppingly good pork buns. Seriously, these have some crazy secret ingredient that makes them irresistible!  Owner Wayne Carrington wouldn’t reveal it, but we took […]