Sauces, Dressings, Marinades and Condiments

Arugula Pesto
Brine for Chicken, Turkey and Pork
Candied Olives
Creamy Lemon-Chive Dressing
Cranberry Port-Conserve (Liz’s Cranberry Sauce)
Cranberry Relish (Greg’s Cranberry Sauce)
Crock Pot Caramelized Onions
Dinosaur Creole Seasoning
Dinosaur Dry Rub
Dinosaur Mutha Sauce
Dry Brine for Chicken or Turkey (aka the Judy Bird)
Dry Rub for Barbecue
Franklin’s Espresso Barbecue Sauce
Green Goddess Dressing
Green Goddess Dressing with Buttermilk
Kansas City Barbecue Sauce
Kansas City Dry Rub by Paul Kirk
Lemon-Garlic Gravy
Moroccan Charmoula Marinade
Natural Dye for Easter Eggs
No-Cook Pickles
Patrick’s Asian Marinade
Pickled Sour Cherries
Pine Nut Butter
Poached Cherries
Porcini and Bacon Sauce
Quick Barbecue Sauce
Red Eye Gravy
Thanksgiving Turkey Gravy
The Sauce
Smokestack Rub

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